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The Key Reason Why We Have To Rely On God

Trust is of great importance since it pertains to one’s integrity, character, and ability. With that being said, trust honors a person’s character. On the other hand, distrust does the opposite.  So to personalize that, let’s say that you have been doing all your best to follow the teachings of the Word of God by letting them influence your way of living immensely, and for some reason someone that you know quite well cannot trust you, you’d surely be hurt terribly by that.  The reason is that you’re let down out of ignorance and a lack of trust despite of your great reputation. So to a much greater degree, the same concept also applies to God. Given the fact that He’s a God who has an uncompromised integrity in certainly everything.  God is deeply troubled when we cannot trust Him with our life’s problems. Our unbelief or lack of trust is equivalent to us telling Him that He cannot be trusted regardless of whom He claims Himself to be. Trust does play a very important role in our relat